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Little Girl and Her Pom
liked the idea of a little girl being left alone during an apocalypse and all she has is her little girly clothing and her dog
so i drew it. figured that was self explanatory 
Puppy Love~
Drawn on: June 11th, 2016

So I saw the "Secret Life of Pets" yesterday (the 10th) and honestly, it wasn't my favorite movie I've seen.(So far "SLoP" is the 3rd movie i've seen this year.) and...this movie just didn't... do it for me, ya know?

Before I talk about the movie, I'll talk about this drawing. So this drawing is of Gidget (female White, blue-eyes Pomeranian) and Max (male, white and brown, brown-eyes Jack Russell Terrier.) Now I hope none of you took this out of context, this is just a cute, simple Max and Gidget drawing. I find them really cute together and even if Illumination studious never makes a second Secret life of pets (Which Idk if they will, I'm saying if they decide not to.) then in my headcanon, Max and Gidget are together because come's fricken adorable!!! Emote Cuddle Love 
(And if anyone's wondering, why I wrote yesterday's date if today's the 11th, well I saw the movie on the 10th, and I wanted to add it anyway. to remember...even though I won't forget XD )

Now, onto the discussion about the movie~
Bee-do - free icon ***SPOILER WARNING: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THIS MOVIE!*** Bee-do - free icon 

So the secret Life of Pets (SLoP) is about a Jack Russell Terrier named Max, he lives with his owner Katie (…, that's both of them) out in a New York apartment.
Everything is good until Katie brings home a dog from the pound, his name is Duke (…)
And well, Max and Duke do their best to get rid of each other, which they end up in an alley way of cats, who steal their collars, making them look like strays, so they're picked up by animal control. While the truck is driving back to the pound, A small white bunny with blue eyes named Snowball (…) and a few of his friends hijack the truck and save their friend, a bulldog that was in a different cage then Duke and Max. Max and Duke lied to snowball about hating their owners so he'd let them out, since he and a group of animals hate humans because they were left behind, flushed, forgotten, whatever. Either way they all hated their humans for disowning them. So when Snowball takes Max and Duke underground (to the sewers), they are forced to work on his side, which meant getting the sacred bite of the viper. Sadly, they accidentally kill the viper, and they had to escape through the sewer's. Duke and Max end up out in some open water, and they catch a boat which they thought led home, but it led to Brooklyn, NY, which was not thier home. 
Gidgit(…), is doing everything she can to find Max. She and max's friends team up, the group includes,
Mel the pug, Buddy the dachshund, Chloe the tabby cat, Norman the guinea pig and Sweat Pea the parakeet, a newcomer named Tiberius who is a red hawk, and with some help from an old, paralyzed basset hound named Pops, they set out to look for Max.
(skipping some stuff)
Towards the end of the movie, you hear Duke's story, he was adopted as puppy by an old man named Fred. One night Duke ran out to chase something, and he couldn't remember his way back home. He was caught by the pound, but then Katie adopted him. Max then came up with the idea to take him back to Fred, well, once they found the house, it turned out, Fred had passed away and a new family (with a cat) moved in, the cat was the one to break the news to Duke. When the new family came home, Duke barked at them, telling them to go away, so they called animal control, who at first caught Max, but Duke jumped in to save him, he told Max to run home. Max hid, while they put Duke back in the truck. Max couldn't let Duke go and he ran after the truck. While chasing, Max was being chased by Snowball and his group because they promised the viper vengeance, but when animal control captured some of snowball's friends, Snowball and Max teamed up to save their friends. They had stolen a bus to catch up to the animal control van, and they crashed into the van, so Max got snowball out in time, but snowball was completely out of it, and when the rest of snowball's friends showed up, it looked like Max had killed snowball (he didn't, he saved him.) But luckily, Gidgit came to Max's rescue, of course he finally notices her after all this time of her being in love with him.
Duke was still in the truck, which was about to fall into the water below since this all happens on a bridge. Max goes to save him, but the truck falls, with Max. They end up in the water, Max tries to get the cage unlocked but the keys get away from him, the two are underwater, and look at each other as if they're ready to accept what was happening, but when Snowball is finally back, he jumps to the water to help them. (He kisses Gidget and as he jumps he says "remember me" to everyone, and honestly that was pointless, why kiss her? "The hero always kisses a girl" well... I didn't like that it was Gidget.) Anyway, he get's the keys, Max unlocks Duke's cage and they swim to the surface.
A little later, Max talks to Gidget, he tries to tell her that he appreciates her and well, she jumps at him, licking his face so I guess that was their kiss? Anyways, the movie ends with the pets returning home, Katie coming home to Max and Duke, with Max saying "Welcome home Duke." As the camera pans out and that's the end~

Honestly Like I said, not my favorite but definitely cute, and one to see if you're interested. But I am going to talk about things I didn't like, please don't hate on me, there's this thing, yeah, called an "opinion" and I'm allowed to have one so, please, don't bash me for having one.

One thing tried too hard to make kids laugh, there was one line a character said in particular that ruined the scene for me. It was supposed to make kids laugh, and trust me, the theater we were in, it was packed, not fully, but there were a lot of people and I didn't hear a single kid laugh at that moment when the character said that line. So that goes to show something~
Another thing is, a lot of people have been saying the plot is... basically Toy Story, which in a way, I have to agree but I also disagree. So it's just interpretation honestly. And finally, the kiss with Snowball and Gidget, why it bothered me this bad Idk, I guess I really love Max and Gidget and the kiss was pointless. And if you want to see it for yourself or for those who haven't seen it and don't believe it happens, here:
I wasn't joking, but I guess it bothers me because they kissed, but when it came to Max and Gidget, she just licks his cheek. Like... Come on, a bunny can kiss a dog in this movie but Gidget couldn't kiss Max or something? MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam Well, I know that shouldn't keep me from enjoying the movie, and it didn't, it was something that got to me, that all. 

Well, I'm done, and look, it may not be my absolute favorite movie, but it's probably in my top 15 or 10, I haven't decided how many movies I like yet~ Sonic Shrug Emote 

(why do I take hours to do these descriptions? Oh yeah, Procrastination, Distraction and YouTube. I think I've fainted. ) 

Stop Do NOT trace/steal/reference/use/claim as yours. Only I have permission of use. Stop 

© :iconawkwardturtle329:(Me)
Max/Gidget/Duke/Characters mentioned/All Characters © Illumination studios 
A collaboration between :iconxasillisax: ~xasillisax and I featuring characters Katsutoshi Daitou and his sister Sai from our manga currently being developed.
Lisa came up with the idea and did the awesome line art, and I did the coloring. We both sent it back and forth many times to make it its best.
The scene is a vacation in the snowy mountains, along with others and the widdle Pomeranian doggy, Pochi. Who wants to be picked up from the cold. Katsutoshi also hates the cold, hence needing a "Pick-Me-Up." :D

Watch out in the future for For the Love of Art, c. Lisa N. and yours truly. :blowkiss:


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